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Triathlon News - Date posted 12/02/2014

A report from Vic Carter about Flo an Geroge's progress in Triathlon especially at the weekend at the Area 12 Triathlon at Stoke Mandeville. If anyone is interested in finding out more about Triathlons or Tetrathlons please do not hesitate to contact either Vic or Phillippa Hendry - addresses at the bottom of the report.
Flo has moved up a category this year and was competing as a Junior for the first time. She performed really well in a class of over 20 girls - she clocked the 5th fastest run of the day to finish a very respectable 12th overall.

George was, as ever, champing at the bit to get competing! He won the Tadpole Boys class with the best swim and the second best run of the day, setting new PBs in both. We were then surprised and delighted to discover that his score was sufficient to qualify him for a place at the Winter Triathlon Finals next month in the Mini Boys category! We know the competition will be really tough as he'll be against boys who are 2 years older than he is, but just to be part of it will be a fantastic experience.

I would like to enter my 2 for the Old Surrey and Burstow Tetrathlon on the 22nd March - it has been on my radar for a while as Flo and I went to watch it a couple of years ago, before we had ponies to see what a competition was really like. It's quite a nice one to do as it's all done on one day. The ride is over show jumps which will be good for George who is just getting to know his new pony and a good opportunity for Flo to try the new height without negotiating solid cross country fences. Let me know if you are happy for me to go ahead and enter them.

They are also interested in the OBHC Tet in April. or Philippa


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