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East Kent Hunt Tetrathlon - 1st November 2013 - Date posted 14/11/2013

I just wanted to share with you all Vic Carter's account of their recent venture all the way to East Kent Hunt PC for their Tetrathlon.

A great effort by Flo, George and Vics - well done for flying the flag of SOH South in the South East!

Vics report - Sadly the Tet was reduced to a Tri due to some glass blowing out of the roof of the swimming pool!

George finished 2nd in a very muddy run (I've made a note that spikes might be needed for next time!) The riding phase was nearly aborted when Max, with George on board, decided to get down and roll in the indoor warm up arena. Several mums, including myself were shouting at the pony and flapping arms etc in an attempt to stop him, but George was deposited on the ground, luckily without being squashed. Understandably, George was then so frightened he didn't know whether he wanted to ride or not - we compromised and I led Max so that he couldn't do it again. They jumped clear, but with 200 penalties finished 5th overall, without me leading him, a clear would have put him 2nd, so he was disappointed, but at least in one piece. His team were 3rd. Pony is going in January.

Flo had her best shoot score to date so was happy, but found the run heavy going. She jumped a really lovely clear and finished 11th overall, her team in 5th.

We had such a great day, everyone was really friendly and the DC along with the event organisers couldn't believe we had travelled so far!


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