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Camp 2013 at Rosehill - lovely venue - Date posted 04/08/2013

Residential camp at Rosehill this year proved a great success with instructors and members. A state of the art kitchen was generously supplied by Chris Hughes and the most wonderful meals came out of it co-ordinated by Tara Hyde with lots of help from other parents.
The proximity of the stables to the water supply and mucking out trailer, accommodation and marquee reduced the miles walked by each member, I believe that some were nervous about the showering facilities after seeing the picture of an elephant! however, never fear as Hilary was on the case and we had a very smart shower block.
However, it did pour with rain most of Tuesday or at least while we were riding but never cold and by the evening everything had dried out except for the tea towels, so Matron had tied them altogether and strung them between two chairs and members including older visiting members were all playing tennis with a broom and frying pan as bats and a tennis ball - great fun.
So on Tuesday we could not turn off the rain tap but on Thursday the heater got stuck on 32 degrees - but once again no complaints and everyone just got on with it. However, the well where our water came from struggled to keep up for a while and so no showers and no water to wash horses off and expecting 70 parents to join the 42 kids for a BBQ but it came on in time but then there was an fatal accident on the M40 which clogged up all the roads and the parents could not get in with the food for the BBQ so Hilary and I were well out of comfort zone and seen in the kitchen doing an impression of fishes and loaves! However, by 7.30 normal service was resumed and everyone had a very happy evening and Rosehill was voted a sucess as a venue.
Our thanks to Richard and Matt Stacey who could not have been more helpful. A email link to Phil's photo has been sent round.
Yours comments on Rosehill would be apprecaited - positive and negative.
Thanks Hilary, all your hard work paid off and it was a very smoothly run, ha


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