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Everybody (new or not-so new members) always has loads of questions and we all have to start somewhere. So to help we've tried to get together a few tips and guidelines on what to wear, pony club tests, do's and don'ts, general rules and a glossary.

Please do feel free to ask any questions, our Committee and long standing members will happily help and advise.

The Pony Club is a voluntary organisation that relies heavily on the goodwill of all members. Our committee try to organise as many events and rallies as possible for children and their ponies but can only do so if we have the help and support from our parents. Please DO offer support and help whenever you can, it is greatly appreciated and expected.


Firstly – please be clean and tidy – and by that we mean both you and your pony.

What is team uniform?

For dressage, show jumping that include those phases when eventing, you wear beige jods, boots, hacking jacket, white shirt , gloves, hat with blue/ black or brown silk and pony club tie. For the show jumping you may want to add a body protector and half chaps. For hunter trials, and the cross country phase beige jods, boots, chaps, along sleeved bottle green top, body protector, medical armband, hat and green silk. Rules on bits, whips, numnahs etc. are in the pony club rule books. They are £2.00 each from the pony club web site and are vital reading for all out competing. All your questions will be answered.

Do I need to plait for some competitions?

It depends on what you are doing, all the answers are in the rule books for that discipline.

Can my dressage test be called?

This depends on the competition, and the level you are competing at. It will say on the schedule, but if you are unsure ring the event organiser.

Can I get eliminated if my Mum shouts advice whilst I am competing?

Almost certainly yes, as this will be considered to be "outside assistance".


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